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5 Steps to Soothe Scoprio’s Sting

It’s November – the time of year when the shadows get long and the days get short.

Metaphorically, the darkness is ascending.

The recent New Moon in Scorpio is bringing the shadows to the Light.

How have your past two weeks been?

Have you experienced the sting of unresolved shadows in your relationships?

If so, you are not alone… for this is the sign of the times!

The energy of New Moon is Scorpio puts a spotlight on any shadow lurking in the darkeness of our soul house.

If we have unresolved shadow material, the energy of our soul is literally held hostage by these shadows and we cannot soar to higher levels of consciousness until we meet and resolve the issue.

To aid our soul’s Ascension process, our shadows are being illuminated at this time so that they can be dealt with and the energy held hostage inside of them can be released into the totality of our being.

For those on the “Ascension Path”, we cannot be held hostage by petty demons.

According to,

“The unconscious residue from other lifetimes which eats away at us is symbolized by the scorpion. Once we begin to recognize our Shadow and can name it, the symbol shifts to an Eagle.

And Eagle is the highest flying bird, able to see far and wide. Like Great Spirit, it gives us an overview of our lives…”

Any unresolved shadow in any relationship with self or others has come to the surface in order to be brought to the light and transformed into the Eagle.

They myth of Scorpio is that it is a shadowy creature that stings until the venom is absorbed, dealt with, and then the poison transforms the subject into the majestic, soaring Eagle who has far reaching sight and depth of wisdom.

So, if your shadows are coming up or if the shadows in a relationship have made themselves known to you, here are 5 steps you can take to transform them into Soaring Eagles.

5 Steps to Lessen Scorpio’s Sting

Step 1: Observe without judgment. I know this one can be difficult and the best thing you can do it take a deep breath and just listen to the shadow, allow yourself to fully see, feel and hear what it is saying.

Step 2: Write it down. Byron Katie says go ahead and judge. Judge yourself, judge your neighbor write it all down, get it out so it is not bottled up inside of you. (Just don’t publish it on Facebook. This is for your eyes only!)

Step 3: Love Yourself. Love this part of you that feels hurt, betrayed, used, violated. At the core of each of us is a tender child who easily gets its feelings hurt. Imagine yourself embracing your inner child and listening to its story just as you would a small child who is hurt and afraid.

Step 4: Ask: What is it for me to do? This is a very important part of shadow work – hearing from our deep wisdom what action are we to take or not take regarding this shadow? All too often people jump the gun and just spew out negativity to others and permanently ruin their relationships and credibility. Imagine a wise Zen Master inside of you and ask him or her what to do…. then write this down.

Step 5: Wait 24-48 hours before taking action. I heard these wise words years ago and immediately put them into action. I try to wait at lest 24 hours before responding to anything or anyone that ruffles my feathers. My immediate response is usually reactive and negative, and if I wait a day or two, I find a much more responsible and overall harmonious way to respond.

The interesting acronym that comes from this list is O.W.L.A – the wise owl with an ‘A’ for effort on the end!

It is important to remember that shadows hold the gift of power and the legend of the scorpion turning into the soaring eagle carries this memory for us.

So keep you head up high, meet your pain with self love and digest the poison to soar like the eagle!

Shine your light!

ElizaBeth, Temple Holder and Initiator on The Priestess Path