The Lineages of Light

Ancient legends speak of a time when a great civilization flourished on earth that was destroyed in a monumental catastrophe. The wisdom keepers of this high culture were called the Zero Chiefs. They left the sinking land and sailed to the four corners of the earth in order to preserve the sacred knowledge so it […]

Rise of the Feminine & The Fall of Corrupt Kings

The return of the feminine light is celebrated today on St. Brigid’s Day. Traditionally a candle is lit to honor and celebrate the return of the feminine fire that brings nature back to life from winter’s slumber. As the ice melts and the flowers bud, I was moved to honor this High Holy feminine day […]

Death is a Birth

Death is a Birth It is the return of the soul back to whence it came. We have come from Spirit and we will go back to Spirit when our time on this earth is done. You are an eternal soul on an eternal timeline. You have a spirit family on the other side waiting […]

Full Moon In Aries: Love on the Battlefield

Love, Life, and Disclosure Hello loves! It has been a while since I’ve written as I am adjusting to being married to a man on a grand mission. I will talk about this as well as the cosmic events unfolding and how you are an essential part of establishing a new world of beauty as […]

13 The Holy Number of the Goddess

The number thirteen is found in the harmony of the earth’s cycles, moon cycles, women’s cycles, and in the cosmic order of the universe. It is interesting to note that for hundreds, if not thousands of years, this number has been made out to be “unlucky”.

Karma Release Ceremony

Karma Release Ceremony: 1) Imagine the person, place, event, or emotional pattern that you still have issue with. See it as a symbol. 2) Get a fresh tea light candle or votive candle (beeswax or soy is best). Put it in a candle holder so it is safe to burn. 3) Light the candle and […]

Welcome to the Priestess Path!

In traditional cultures, women who served as priestesses held an honored place in society. Historically, their numbers were few and they forsook traditional life. Then came the dark ages ruled by religion and patriarchy when women of power were systematically silenced and removed. Today, things in the West have changed and the role of priestess […]

#metoo: Woman Rising

This is my takeaway from the #metoo movement. Women are making a stand, no longer content to put up and shut up, to be quiet while we overlook violations made against us. This goes for all feminine upon the earth — the innocence, the children, the receptive, beauty…

Autumn Equinox

The fruits of summer have all been eaten and the leaves of the trees begin to fall… In Autumn we feel the winds of change taking away the light of the long days, bringing a slight chill and reminding us of the impermanence of all things. Here is a simple autumn ceremony to do with […]