I Stand Rooted in Peace

LA has been in lock down for more than a week in response to the violence that is flaring up in response to violent injustice. At times like this we must root deep into peace and yet stand against violence. This is a delicate balance.In response to the flaring ups, David and I hosted a […]

Joan of Arc Sacred Warrior

Joan of Arc inspired a nation to stand up against the tyrannical invasion of an oppressive and negative force. She reminds us of the strength of faith in a higher power and of a life lived in dedication to a holy and noble cause.

Invoking New Beginnings! Solar Eclipse Dec. 26

The Solar Eclipse on Dec. 26th is at 12:13am ET in Capricorn (9:13 PM Pac Dec. 25th) Take Control of Your Destiny Invoke New Beginnings The Solar eclipse on Dec. 26th comes only five days after the longest, “darkest” night of the Winter Solstice. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we just experienced […]

Yoga and Qigong, Sister Sciences

Yoga and Qigong are sister sciences. Yoga originated in India and Qigong in China. Yoga and Qigong share many similarities.  Qigong differs from yoga in that it employs the use of the energy circles that create large circular and fluid movement. If you already practice yoga, you may be interested in adding the fluidity of […]

Oneness Meditation

Oneness Meditation Connect to the Healing Life Force Energy of the Universe A Simple Meditation Meditation does not have to be complex. Meditation can be as simple as reminding ourselves of our radiance, our innocence and our creative power. Qigong is the art of working with universal life force energy, Qi or Chi to become […]