Freedom & Forgiveness Fire Ceremony

The element of fire transforms and transmutes. This is why fire ceremonies are so effective and widely used. The warm summer days in the Northern Hemisphere are a wonderful time to have a beautiful fire outside and ceremonially free yourself of any burdens that you have been carrying.

The summer often gives us opportunities to take a break and do something outside of time. This is what ceremony is all about — creating a safe and sacred space outside of linear time where we can do our inner work. In this liminal space, we speak to the spirits, to Spirit, and to our souls. And just to note, this ceremony will work in any place and time, as it is your intention that gives it power.

Life gives us a constant flow of challenges and change.

As we move through our days on this earth walk, we encounter new people, new challenges, destined meetings, and ample opportunities to forgive and release. When we release these burdens, we free ourselves of heavy, negative energy, making way for more inspiration, more love, creativity and happiness.

When someone has harmed you intentionally or unintentionally, or when you have turned against yourself, forgiveness is the tool that cuts the cords of entanglement and releases the issue back to a higher power.

Anger and resentment may be entertained for a time, as we are human, but we will eventually lose our precious energy and tire of the small, tight, constrictive energy. After years of practice, I have come to the humble realization that I must pray for those who wish to harm me.

I could be angry and resentful, and wonder why life isn’t fair, but I have found that this is not healthy for me or anybody else. The Law of One says that the higher beings preserve a precise balance of equal amounts of positive and negative in each person’s life, in order to give us the free will to choose what we will focus on.

Forgiveness is the grand flush that cleanses the soul of the debris of lifetimes of events and interactions, thoughts words, and deeds. The best forgiveness technique I have encountered so far is the Ho’oponopono.


The Ho’oponopono

Morrnah Simeona

This simple, elegant, and potent forgiveness technique was brought forth by a female Hawaiian Kahuna, Morrnah Simeona. She said she received it directly from Source and believed that it was her life’s work to deliver this spiritual tool to the world.

So potent is this technique, that Dr. Hew Len, a psychiatrist, applied it to patients in a mental ward and in four years, the ward shut down because all of the patients were healed and released.

The interesting thing is that Dr. Len was not focusing on healing the patients, instead, he focused on clearing his own limiting and judgmental beliefs about each patient. He would read the patient’s file and do the Ho’oponopono technique on himself. To his and other’s amazement, one by one, the patients that had been admitted for a mental illness miraculously healed and left the hospital. Imagine applying this healing power to your life.

Dr. Hew Len

When Morrnah describes this technique, she notes that we are first and foremost speaking to the Divine. We are first calling to God, Goddess and Son, the Trinity Divinity, and humbly apologizing for any transgressions we may have made upon the Divine, the earth, ourselves, or others. In this prayer, we acknowledge that we may have crossed or transgressed the Divine, the earth, or others and that this could be the reason that certain heavy energies are within us now.



An eternal timeline that includes multiple lives is a major aspect of this thinking. If someone I have never met or spoke to in this life is feeling negatively charged towards me, it could be that I transgressed against them in another life. I would consider this when doing the Ho’oponopono.

This alchemical prayer also takes my own ancestors into consideration as well. When asking for forgiveness, we are also asking for forgiveness of any misdeeds our ancestors may have done to anything or anyone. If one struggles with an addiction that their mother, grandmother, uncles, etc. also struggled with, there may be an ancestral inheritance that we are asking forgiveness and transmutation for.

Universal laws govern our earthly and spiritual life.

Ignorance of the law does not alleviate it. And so, as we travel on the road throughout this life and others…. we accumulate debts from our deeds that we must atone for and release. The greatest payment is compassion and understanding and laying one’s weapons down.

The spiritual science that lives within this forgiveness prayer is worthy of much contemplation. For now, I wish to simply give you the scaffolding of it, and highly recommend you put this potent medicine to use.

Ho’oPonoPono Forgiveness Prayer:

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

I Love You

Every time I teach this in my Priestess Path initiations, I get the same questions:

  • What if what they did was unforgivable?
  • What if I do not love them?
  • How could I thank someone who hurt me?

The simplest answer is: Change your focus and speak to Creator and not to the individual who hurt you. When we broaden our perspective and expand our awareness to encompass the possibility that we are eternal souls on an eternal timeline, and that we may have lived many lives and had many interactions, we can see that the people we meet now, we may have met before… and we may have a history with them. Also, remember that Dr. Hew Len did this technique on himself, and not on the patients, so you can speak to yourself as well.

If we have had interactions before, maybe what is happening now came from the past.

With this in mind, we are apologizing for anything we or our ancestors may have done to this person or their ancestors in the past, in this life, and in past lives. Our conscious minds do not need to know exactly what may have occurred and when. The key to this work is your sincerity and will to release, and repent and balance any transgressions that you or your ancestors may have done to God, the Divine, to the earth, to yourself, and to others. That is the expanded perspective in which we do this prayer. Repentance has often become a charged word due to the prolonged adverse effects of organized religion on certain individuals and groups. However, it simply means to have compassion: to be able to feel and see the harm we may have done, to truly understand in our hearts how that feels, and to know what it means to be a gentle soul. I have found that just wanting the best for someone, even if that person appears to be our “enemy,” is easy to do.

Let’s break the Ho’oPonoPono down:
  1. The intention of this ceremony is to burn away that which you are ready to release.
  2. Get into a quiet, meditative space/state.
  3. Bring to mind a person or event that you are still feeling anger, resentment, judgment, etc. towards. It can be yourself.
  4. Bring to mind the Divine: Father, Mother, God, the loving Creator.
  5. Speak these words to Creator, sincerely asking to be cleansed of any debts or heavy energies.
  6. Ask the Divine to help you transmute and release these burdens.

And again, we say:

I’m sorry

(for any transgressions I may have made to the Divine, to a person, or their ancestors)

Please forgive me

(I ask to be released from any anger, resentment, burdens, and cords due to anything I may have done)

Thank you

(Thank you for the opportunity to release you, for the lesson, for the wisdom, for the strength)

I love you

(I often say: I wish the best for you, and then I truly feel the desire for this person’s life to be better)


If you wish to add the forgiveness prayer to a fire ceremony, you will need:

  • Fire making essentials (wood, lighter, safe fire pit if outside)
  • If inside, a very safe container like a tall ceramic plant pot, or a strong iron kettle that houses a candle. It is best to do this outside on your porch when it comes to the burning part and not inside. If inside, make the pieces of paper small enough that they will not make a big flame.
  • Your ceremonial items like sage, incense, crystals, candle, etc.
  • A few little pieces of paper on which to write what you are releasing
  1. Find a safe space to make a fire. If outside, make sure it is legal for you to have a fire and use good fire-making and tending practices. Have some water with you to put it out if necessary.
  2. Light the fire and call to the Element of Fire, thanking it and asking for its help.
  3. Call in the powers. If you do not know how to do this, you can just call to Great Spirit, God, Creator and ask for help releasing.
  4. State your intention: To release the burdens you are carrying and asking for their help.
  5. Write what issues/burdens you wish to release on the pieces of paper.
  6. Do the Ho’oponopono.
  7. Ceremonially cut the cord and release it by putting the piece of paper in the fire.

If you are doing this in a fire ceremony, you can write what you are releasing onto a piece of paper and burn it in a fire. You may wish to speak to the element of fire and ask that it lend its power to the transmutation of this issue.

The main thing is that you sincerely wish to apologize and be released from anything we may have done, because if we have lived many lives, we have very likely made many mistakes — and we are introduced to these people to tie up the loose ends as we travel our path of ascension.

I break this forgiveness ceremony down thoroughly in my priestess training courses, where we do it together in deep ceremonial space, but I want to share the seed of it here — as it is a very powerful release ceremony to add to the fire ceremony.

Share your results and your thoughts below!

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