Founder of The Priestess Path, Lineages of Light

Full Moon Ritual

The full moon is a powerful time for manifestation. The magnetic pull lends increase to whatever we are thinking or feeling, so it is a good time to be conscious with our intent as you intend on the full moos is given a boost of light and power.

For men and women both, doing an “intending” on the full moon adds power to what you put forth as a seed in Creation. For women who are menstruating on the full moon, this ritual can be imbued with the potency of your menstrual blood. I have used this ceremony countless times with great success.

To prepare for your Full Moon Ritual:

#1 Get clear on your intention
Is there a yearning in your heart?
What  is it do you deeply need?
Get a clear vision of one thing you want to call in to your life now!

# 2 Gather your things
We are going to represent the elements:
1) Fire: A candle
2) Air: Incense, sage or palo santo
3) Water: A glass of water
4) Earth: A crystal or salt
place them on your altar (creation of an altar, where to put it and the traditional elements of it are part of the initiations)
5) If you are bleeding, you may use some menstrual blood. Put in a glass container. Using the Love Cup is the best way to collect it.

#3 Create safe, sacred space
This is very detailed process that I go much further into in the Priestess Initiations. If you have a way to create sacred space, do that. If you do not yet know how, just go somewhere you will not be interrupted and do this simple clearing with sage or incense.

Light a candle symbolizing the presence of Spirit. To clear the room, walk clockwise around the room with your incense or sage and simply say: “this place is of the light, only the light may be here, all else must go.” Repeat this as many times as you feel needed.

#4 Call in the Powers
Call in the angels or guides that you work with. The simplest way I do it is like this:
“I call to my Higher Self. I call to the Christ Light. I call to the Archangels of the 4 directions: Ariel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and I ask that you be here now and lend your power and protection to this work.”
Take a moment to feel the power of each one as you call them in.

#5 Ask for what you need
A Priestess knows she lives in a sentient, spiritual world with many helpers in spirit form and that she can ask for what she needs. When you are seasoned along the path, you will have a personal connection to your spirit begins, angels and guides.

*An Important Cosmic Rule About Prayer: When asking for something, we must honor the free will of others. We do not ask for someone else to be or do something for us because we do not infringe on their free will. For example, you do not say “I want so and so to marry me”, if they don’t want to. That is what we call sorcery: doing something to someone against their will and it is not ok in Priestess work. If you want love in your life, we ask Great Spirit for love. If we need more abundance, we pray to Source for abundance, if we need a miracle, we pray for one rather than trying to control events or persons.

Now, you may speak, sing, dance or paint your prayers.

Adding song or dance adds potency to your prayer.  Also, if you are using your moon blood, you can write down what it is you desire on a piece of paper with words or with a symbol and then use your finger to trace it with you menstrual blood. Since you blood carries you rDNA and photonic information, more power is giving to the prayer. When the ceremony is done, you may place the paper underneath a cloth on your altar until manifestation occurs.

The Art of Asking:

““Infinite Intelligence, I give thanks that the marriage made in heaven is now made manifest here on earth.” ”


Another cornerstone of Priestess wisdom is that the WAY you ask for something often determines if it manifests! For example: If you thank Infinite Intelligence for it happening now, you are affirming its existence in your life. If you want love you can say, “Infinite Intelligence, I give thanks that the marriage made in heaven is now made manifest here on earth.” This sentence is from one of my favorite spiritualists, Florence Schovel Shinn.

After asking for what you intend, completely let go of any attachment to the outcome. This is an essential piece of magical wisdom and it allows your request to go off into the Universe and then come back to you.

#6 Thank the powers and close ceremony
When you have clearly asked for your manifestation, then simply thank the powers that you called in and you are done. You may say, “thank you angels for being here and you may be on your way. Thank you Great Spirit/Infinite Intelligence for your presence and blessings. Then pack up your stuff and let it go…

ElizaBeth, Temple Holder and Initiator on The Priestess Path