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Joan of Arc Sacred Warrior

Joan of Arc inspired a nation to stand up against the tyrannical invasion of an oppressive and negative force. She reminds us of the strength of faith in a higher power and of a life lived in dedication to a holy and noble cause.
She was not the aggressor. She was defending her home against invasion — forced on the defensive by predatory souls. Even though she was just a teenager, she did not cower when grown men from foreign lands entered her homeland to rape, pillage and murder.
Instead of being afraid, she was filled with sacred conviction — emboldened — and inspired the men of her country to defense. Her spirit lives on today in the lives of women who align with the Divine and make a holy stand for that which is sacred.
A holy stand is a blanket of protection. A holy stand offers sanctuary to innocence.
The archetype of Joan of Arc upturned is the perpetrator who thinks he or she is doing something right and justifies violence.
The challenge for some is to resist the temptation of the lesser gains that Vanity and Lust for power entice and to hitch the wagon of the soul to a truly nobility purpose in alignment with the Divine.
If one cannot sense the Divine, this will be difficult and so the shiny treasures of the material world and the ego will be mistaken for the golden raiments of an angelic soul.
An example of this are the witch burnings by fearful men of empowered women, lynch mobs and cross burnings — all examples of stands, but ones made in hatred, malice and misunderstanding.
Joan of Arc was misunderstood in her lifetime and burned at the stake for it. Lesser spirits could not understand the purity of her relation to God and to her commitment.
Her ultimate crime was pinned on her being tempted by the devil to dress like a man and, not conforming to the tenants of the Bible, she was executed as a “heretic.”
It was only after her death that the people understood her truly noble stand which then inspired the entire country of France to rise up against the spirit of greed and malice to defend and win their freedom.
Her spirit inspires us to humbly align with the Divine and to make a courageous stand for the purity of innocence.
Joan of Arc was canonized a saint in 1920 and lives on today in the hearts of many a noble warrior.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for what you do. I choose Peace as well.
    I’m trying to wake up my family. I get some resistance, but I’ll be giving them only 10% of information at a time, then stop. As David suggested we do.
    Keep up the excellent work. We appreciate it.

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