Karma Release Ceremony:

1) Imagine the person, place, event, or emotional pattern that you still have issue with. See it as a symbol.

2) Get a fresh tea light candle or votive candle (beeswax or soy is best). Put it in a candle holder so it is safe to burn.

3) Light the candle and imagine a color – whatever color comes to you. This will be the transmutation color.

4) Now imagine that you step into the center of the person/event/place and see the colored flame burning inside of it transmuting it.

5) Speak these words:

“Now, all karma with (person/place/event/emotional pattern)
on the subconscious, conscious, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul planes of every reality
Burns gently, easily, effortlessly,
As the karmic lessons and patterns of all
simultaneous existences
Integrate with ease and grace into the
Conscious, subconscious, super conscious, and soul systems
Of everyone and everything concerned.
We are at peace.
Miracles happen every day.
This or something better
for the Highest Good now occurs.”

6) Leave the tea light or votive burning in a safe place burning, transmuting the karma. Release the ceremony. If you need to leave the house, you can put it out and re-light it when you come back.

7) Let it go, it is done.

(This ceremony is a summary from the book The Evolution Solution by Gabrielle Alizay)


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