Happy Full Moon, Buck Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse!

Summer is in it fullness, the warmth of the sun nourishes the earth and gives her strength. We are seeing historic revelations on the world stage. Things are changing. The feminine is rising and throwing off the abuses and shackles of the past. The recent Epstein arrest will lead to many more. The sacred warriors have returned, the goddess has awakened and they, together, are cleaning house.This is eclipse season. Shadows come to light.

There is a screaming platinum vibration of light coming from Source at this time. It is penetrating every cell, every molecule of DNA, and every shadow is coming to light. This is not easy. On a personal level we must embrace all of us. The good, the bad, the beauty, the ugly. There is no running from all we are.

This change is also on a planetary level. The earth is going through an ascension. A necessary part of increasing vibration is cleansing. What was once been hidden is now revealed. What once was ABLE to be hidden is not. This comes as a strange surprise to deeply embedded gangs that could once conduct their shadowy practices in private without getting caught. The reckoning is painful.

“He who is without sin cast the first stone.” We must have compassion and mercy, but also make a sacred stand. We must be able to distill what is mere folly from pure evil. Discernment is needed. Maturity of spirit and a humble acceptance that no one is perfect is needed. We have all done stupid things that we regret and would have done differently.

Yet, there are clear transgressions against humanity that must be cleared. There is evil that has been happening for millennia that has gotten embedded into the fabric of some secret societies as a way of life. These transgressions violate free will and innocence. This is where to draw the line. The violent transgressions against children, animals and innocence must stop.

We are making headway. It is messy. It can be disturbing to some. The challenge is to alchemize the pain, the sorrow, the disgust of self and others into the light. The challenge when faced with the dissolution of one life or the destruction of a label for our self that we hold hear is to allow the ego death, the shamanic dismemberment, allow the humility, the humiliation. There is a sacred fire burning, burning the illusion of self.

How do we take the muck of life and create beauty? The lotus shows the way… She receives her nourishment from the deepest much and grime. The putrefying goo of rotting fish and leaves becomes her luminous raiment.

Thich Nhat Hanh says, “no mud, no lotus.”

This is the greatest challenge of life: Choosing Beauty

How can you alchemize the pain, the darkness, the suffering into a beautiful gift?

I tell my students that your pain becomes your medicine — if you choose the medicine way. A medicine carrier, a medicine man or women is someone who found the cure for their pain. This is how one carries medicine. The suffering may be of body, emotion, or soul — and there is a medicine for that. Go find the medicine, this leads you on your way.

My medicine journey began after suffering from a life-threatening eating disorder for many years. I was hospitalized for it and then it got worse! I was killing myself before I even knew who I was. When I finally made the decision to heal, I was led to medicine that could heal the soul. I learned from soul healers and was gifted a miraculous healing by the Divine. This began my medicine path that I have been walking since.

Ego death is difficult. Dying to an idea of who you thought or wished you were is difficult. Losing wealth, or a business, or stature or reputation or your own respect is difficult. But all of this is a sacred station on the way to enlightenment, the soul becoming aware of its true nature as Divine, Ascension, becoming a shaman, a medicine women, a Buddha. Death of the ego, death of the structures of things is essential. Fighting it prolongs suffering. This is the bitter pill that the times are dispensing. That screaming platinum vibration of light is not going to let anything remain in the shadows. It is time to embrace the muck of the lotus in ourselves and in the world. It is messy, and it is going to get more messy.

The eternal question is: How to turn pain into medicine? Suffering into beauty? Dross into gold?

Again, the challenge is to turn the pain into beauty. I made this meme from a saying I put in my last post: Standing for something sacred is different than being against something in hatred.

The reason I say that is because, as so much shadow is being revealed at this time both personally, inter-personally, socially and on the world stage, it is important that we do not give ourselves to the Spirit of Hatred. The Spirit of Hatred is fuel for the problems. It degrades your health and creates disease in your body and soul. Hatred will never solve the problem, but standing for something sacred will.

What is sacred to you? What would you like to protect? Can you make a stand for this sacred thing in a LOVING WAY? With love, for love? This is the heart of the sacred warrior.

The Sacred Warrior makes a stand for the sacred in a loving way. A strong and loving way. Anything you need to say, you can say it with love. You have a a different point of view? How can you say it with respect? You want someone to hear you? How can you speak what you need to with love? This does not mean shrinking away from difficult conversations like having healthy boundaries, saying “no” or letting your employees know your expectations of them.

We can speak and keep our nobility, our dignity, our love. This is the way of the lotus — radiating her beauty out of the stinking mud.

May you shine like the lotus!


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