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New Moon in Virgo


The new moon moved into Virgo, into the element of mutable earth on August 30th 2019 at 10:37 GMT, 3:37 PDT.

Happy New Moon Dear Sisters

For this month ahead with the new moon and sun in Virgo, these energies urge us towards being methodical and taking a practical approach. Strategic planning and checking details is emphasized at this time.







Strategic Planning





Mental Energy




New moons are a time of new beginnings and setting intentions for the month ahead.  During this new moon, the sun and moon are both in Virgo, which is highlighted by the solar and lunar conjunction in the earth sign of Virgo. This indicates that there is much practical work to be completed in order to achieve our goals, therefore having a grounded approach would be useful.

There are actually two new moons in Virgo this month. The second new moon is known as a super new moon, as this is the second new moon in the earth sign of Virgo, further emphasizing a practical, strategic, planning time ahead.

Also, there is a Stellium of planets in Virgo, (meaning there are five in Virgo), including Mercury at 4 degrees of Virgo.  Mars moved into Virgo on the 18th of August urging us to check the details and is helping us to get things running smoothly and efficiently. Venus moves into Virgo on the 21th of September.

Last month with all that Leo energy of creativity we are now moving into the practicalities of the matter and are in the stage of making it happen. Being grounded gives us the opportunity to bring our ideas and visions down to earth as we can sense these shifts in energies and make sure we focus on taking a methodical approach which is the theme during Virgo season.

Always remember to be gentle with yourself on a new moon. As this new energy ushers in, we may take some time to plant our seeds and set new moon intentions.

Journaling and writing your intentions down, and getting a plan in place is necessary as there are many steps needed to complete the process.  It is important to evaluate where you are now and to prepare for the practical action required to manifest your visions and see your dreams come to light.

As you birth your dreams, remember to take care of yourself. Virgo is about health and healing, and self-care activities of all kinds are important to include as you are manifesting your dreams. Pay attention to your diet as Virgo rules the stomach and the digestive system and be sure to eat foods that contain high-vibrational light, like organic, farm-fresh salads, fruits and vegetables.

It is a good time to organize, tidy and clean both your sacred space and your immediate surroundings. The critical-mind aspect of Virgo can assist with such tasks as accounting, numbers, and filing your paperwork. Getting busy with the details of any situation you are planning to manifest is advised to maximize the potential of success.

As much as Virgo is about the details, at the same time try not to be too critical of yourself, and always champion your progress however big or small.  Progress is progress after all.  This will help with cultivating a positive mind set, which will assist with the momentum of the moons energies as she waxes towards the first quarter moon, and then on to the full moon in Pisces to receive our full moon blessings and harvest.

What was birthed and seeded back at the start of spring has now taken form and the results are imminent.  We wait with patience for our blessings to be bestowed up on, keeping the faith, and making sure we do our part in the process. Taking the required action and planning the work to make the most of the bountiful harvest as possible is a good idea.  It is essential to take great care with our crops, making sure they will be at their best, juicy and ripe


Where we are, in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is setting earlier in the sky, the days get shorter and we can feel the change in the air. The Harvest Moon is coming as the earth transitions from Summer to Autumn. For many, this is their favorite time of year watching the colors change and the first leaves falling to the ground. We are reminded of our mortality, to cherish life and the light and that all things change. We prepare to harvest all that our mother has provided in her ample time of fertility as we get ready for the Winter months ahead full of dark nights, working within our manifestation and many celebrations.


How can I make my plans realistic and achievable?

What can I do to be more organized?

How can I nurture myself more with regards to my physical body and mind to be as healthy as possible?

What other self-care activities can I put in place?

You are invited to hold your sacred new moon ceremony and fully embrace setting your intentions for further potency! 


By Valkyrie Graduate Geraldine Heil

ed. by Elizabeth Wilcock and Ingunn Ananda

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