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Oneness Meditation

Oneness Meditation

Connect to the Healing Life Force Energy of the Universe

A Simple Meditation

Oneness MeditationMeditation does not have to be complex. Meditation can be as simple as reminding ourselves of our radiance, our innocence and our creative power. Qigong is the art of working with universal life force energy, Qi or Chi to become stronger, healthier and more at peace. While some meditations seek at silencing the mind to access peace and serenity, others like this Oneness Meditation, seek to remind us of our oneness with universal peace. You will be pleased to not have to stop your thoughts, but to simply direct them to contemplate your purity, innocence and oneness with all of life. In this way, using the mind as a contemplative tool, you are meditating with Qigong life force energy. Enjoy this beautiful meditation from the book, Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen.

I know and recognize my ONENESS with all things. I know that all form and all circumstance are the creation of an infinite intelligence that is in and around me. I know that all things are the result of conception and desire, that my world is ordered according to my own thoughts and convictions. Therefore, I concentrate on HARMONY. I see nothing but ORDER and constructiveness all about me. I do not accept thoughts of destructiveness and disharmony. In my friends, my loved ones, my fellow workers, I see nothing but COOPERATION and ASSISTANCE. I know that we all seek the same answers and the same goals. I know that each person must follow a different path toward his vision, and I UNDERSTAND the SEARCHINGS and the COPINGS of everyone I know and see. I have SYMPATHY and TOLERANCE for all things and all people. I know that inasmuch as I help others, I help myself. In my brother’s eye, there is my own soul. In my friend’s smile, there is my own humor. In my neighbor’s sorrow, there is my OWN LOSS. I have COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING for all things, for this life in which I have my being strives for understanding of itself. I DENY ERROR, it is simply progress toward truth. I know that it is impossible to fail with faith is present. I do not order things to be made in my time or in my place, but TRUST THE UNIVERSAL MIND in its own great knowledge of the time and place and the need and the way. Each moment of each day brings my life closer to realization. The objects of my work are BEING ACCOMPLISHED this very minute. Success, harmony, peace and confidence are mine.


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