The Priestess Path

The Priestess Path is ancient and modern. It is a path walked by countless women throughout time who love the Divine and wish to be of service.   This is an eternal path, available to all and owned by no one.   At the dawn of recorded history, the Priestess Path was available to all […]

Forgiveness Fire Ceremony

Freedom & Forgiveness Fire Ceremony The element of fire transforms and transmutes. This is why fire ceremonies are so effective and widely used. The warm summer days in the Northern Hemisphere are a wonderful time to have a beautiful fire outside and ceremonially free yourself of any burdens that you have been carrying. The summer […]

The Feast Days of Vesta

The Vestal Priestesses and the Feast Days of the Goddess ✨The Vestal Virgins, Keepers of the Sacred Flame of Ancient Rome ✨We are in the feast days of Vesta that were once held by the Vestal priestesses, June 7-15th. This would have been a very warm summer week in Rome and celebrations dedicated to the […]

The Great Mother

The Great Mother:   The Great Mother is called by many names. She has many forms and many faces   She is the Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman, Crone She is Hathor, Isis, Inanna, Artemis and Aphrodite She is the fertile May Queen, eternally resurrected. She is the light-bringer, Brigid and Cerridwen of the shadows.   […]

Spring Equinox Ostara

SPRING EQUINOX, OSTARA: Spring is the aspect of the Triple Goddess in her Maiden form representing innocence, fertility, rising attraction and budding hope. In Greek Mythology, spring is the time when Persephone is released from her forced stay in the underworld abode of Hades.

Ritual Bathing Recipe for Renewal and Regeneration

Self-nurturing is a cornerstone of the priestess path. When we nurture and care for ourselves, we recharge our batteries and have more to give. During self-care, we can take the time and change our vibration so that we are manifesting those things that we truly desire. You are vibrational being first and the signal you […]

The African Dark Mother

In celebration of Black History, we highlight the African Mother Goddess Could modern western iconography be derived from a far more ancient tradition? Could Africa be the origin of the first divinity that we know? And is this first divinity feminine? In the excerpt from her book “African Dark Mother – The Oldest Divinity We […]

New Moon in Virgo

NEW MOON IN VIRGO  The new moon moved into Virgo, into the element of mutable earth on August 30th 2019 at 10:37 GMT, 3:37 PDT. Happy New Moon Dear Sisters For this month ahead with the new moon and sun in Virgo, these energies urge us towards being methodical and taking a practical approach. Strategic […]

13 The Holy Number of the Goddess

The number thirteen is found in the harmony of the earth’s cycles, moon cycles, women’s cycles, and in the cosmic order of the universe. It is interesting to note that for hundreds, if not thousands of years, this number has been made out to be “unlucky”.

Welcome to the Priestess Path!

In traditional cultures, women who served as priestesses held an honored place in society. Historically, their numbers were few and they forsook traditional life. Then came the dark ages ruled by religion and patriarchy when women of power were systematically silenced and removed. Today, things in the West have changed and the role of priestess […]