The transmission on the Divine Beloved was very helpful not only in my relationship with my husband but also in every day interpersonal relations. Shortly after watching the video I had an experience at work that I later looked back at and realized it was meant to help me learn this skill. I work as an HR Specialist and I was speaking with a customer who was very pushy and aggressive. He was definitely in his inferior masculine when we were speaking. I was trying to be calm and reasonable with him and he continued to try and trip me up and get me to bend to his will. He works as a criminal investigator and he is trained in these types of tactics and was trying to use it on me. We finally ended the conversation with him telling me he had sent me and email and that he would call me again the next day after I had a chance to read it. I went on my lunch break and got myself centered and remembered what you said about avoiding the use of the words like can't, won't, no, but, etc. I responded to his email letting him know all that I could do for him and leaving out all those negative type words of what I couldn't do for him. He never responded back to my email and he didn't call me the next day. When I connected with my Divine Feminine it deflected the low vibration masculine that he was putting out.