Elizabeth shares deep insights and wisdom in a loving and powerful way.
She guides us to find our own inner strength and wisdom.


This course provides a wide introduction and history of various healing practices. I found this class to be an important stimulus in the development of my own work and life practices. Many thought provoking and powerful concepts and practices were introduced and built upon during the progression of the program. It’s a beautiful, empowering journey, thoughtfully put together and I highly recommend it whether you are just beginning on this path, simply exploring, or furthering your current life’s work. Thank you Elizabeth for creating this Temple!!


Elizabeth’s teachings are of the richest soul food one can ingest. Each time I revisit the ancient codes, I find I both deepen my wisdom and shed another layer, making room for the new. Walking the Priestess Path makes me more sure-footed and discerning, compassionate and strong. At this point in Herstory, it is vital that women walk this path. It is only by taking these courageous steps forward will it be illuminated for all Sisters everywhere.

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