With infinite gratitude I would like to thank you for all your amazing deep and powerful work that you have shared with us throughout the recent time. The greatest support is your example, dear Elizabeth, the way you embody all the essence of diverse paths, lineages, tools and practices that help to nourish the Divine Feminine, to express and ground Her in the daily Life. Honestly speaking, I am very choosy in people, especially in teachers, coaches and masters. There are so many nowadays, yet only a few carry real true energy that can be recognized only by heart from within. I am deeply grateful for that… as your example inspires me that it IS POSSIBLE to actually make it happen when sacred calling becomes your expression of work and service in this world. Thank you for protecting and anchoring Sacred Feminine on Earth. Thank you for preserving the noble way of expression and showing how to support noble way of divine Masculine in Men. I am grateful to my Higher-Self and Universe for the right decision and opportunity to be a part of Priestess Path Valkyrie!


This program felt like I was returning to my spiritual family with all my sisters around me. I was drawn to this program because Elizabeth was recommended to me. I knew that she was a powerful woman – that she had a lot training a lot of knowledge; a lot of courage and I felt confident that she would be a good guide for me. Elizabeth has helped to guide me through my transition to fully committing myself to my spiritual path.

Shelby Seegmiller

Before taking the initiation I was quite emotionally unstable and struggled with staying confident and true to myself.  Now, I feel more beautiful, angelic and feminine. I’m juicier, healthier, and more attuned. The lessons Elizabeth is about to share with you are of great wisdom. I am blessed to have walked this path.

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