Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

I have so much more comfort with my own body and I have a new understanding of the innate capability of my body to stay youthful. I now feel like I have a secret weapon to stay young naturally that also gives me longevity. I had no knowledge of it and would have not known where to get it. Elizabeth is uniquely qualified to share these teachings since she has been trained in the ancient lineages. Being here with all the women has fostered an incredible sense of sisterhood.


I have gained a lot more confidence and trust with all the processes in my life. I wasn’t grounded enough earlier, and the Priestess Valkyrie Temple and training have brought me to many deep realization within myself about what I am to do in my life and understanding how important it is to have a greater inner vision to have more joy in its outer manifestation. I no more feel stuck with thoughts of scarcity or lack of self-worth, but instead I am better able to steer the direction of my life into understanding what my role is now in the greater dynamics of the universe. I had been procrastinating a lot of what I am meant to do in this life, and Elizabeth Wilcock’s teachings have aided me in realizing that there is no better time than NOW to trust, to heal, to evolve, to love and to create. I am trusting myself a lot more and realizing how I can further embody the role of the priestess in the way I live and the work that I do! Elizabeth’s presence and teachings are both powerful and come directly from Source and they are absolutely life-changing! I feel very privileged to have had such an amazing strong sacred warrioress as my teacher! Deep Gratitude and Love!


Through this incredible program, I have learned invaluable skills which have allowed me to be present in my life as a guiding and powerful force to my family, my community and most importantly to myself. I feel that this program is a speed-dial for thousands of years of information which was hidden and protected from the masses. I feel that Priestess Path Valkyrie invaluable material to the woman who is guiding this planet to its next incarnation. It also allows for the woman involved in it to be her best, most helpful and supportive self. There is truly nothing that has been this monumental for me in my life! I look forward to taking this course again if offered.

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