In traditional cultures, women who served as priestesses held an honored place in society. Historically, their numbers were few
and they forsook traditional life.

Then came the dark ages ruled by religion and patriarchy
when women of power
were systematically silenced and removed.

Today, things in the West have changed and
the role of priestess is re-emerging as a valid position
for women in modern society.
Many women are hearing the call to embody the Divine Feminine,
to share our medicine and make a stand for the sacred here on earth.

Western women are privileged to have the freedom to embody the sacred
and to serve and worship Great Spirit, Divine Mystery and the Goddess openly.
We also have the opportunity to stand in co-empowerment
with the masculine, honoring each other’s
unique essence and gifts.

While every woman carries the blueprint of the sacred within her,
not every woman makes the choice to live from this place —
nor does she have the freedom.
The lineage knowledge available for her initiation
into the sacred wisdom teachings is also rare to find
and extremely important to acquire.

The Divine Feminine sacred mysteries live on in the lineages of light.
This Temple offers a unique opportunity for women to align with the Divine
and embody wisdom teachings of the lineages and sacred feminine.

The very survival of the sacred ways
depends on the women who do this.

Every being is endowed with the power of the Creator.
If you choose, you can use your life to touch this earth with beauty.
You make the choice and the Universe comes to support you.

You have the power to honor the earth, her creatures,
the sacred feminine and masculine, and create sanctuary wherever you are.

This is the call to the Priestess Path.
It is an eternal call to your true self as a Divine being of power and Light.

Men and women have risked their lives and even paid the ultimate price
to preserve these initiations so that we can receive them.

Inside this Temple lies wisdom and knowledge
that has survived the test of time.

This Temple receives sincere initiates who desire
to be a blessing in the world,
to carry these lineages forth
in love and grace.

Elizabeth Wilcock —

Temple Holder and Initiator on the Priestess Path

Elizabeth Wilcock
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