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Yoga and Qigong, Sister Sciences

oneness meditationYoga and Qigong are sister sciences. Yoga originated in India and Qigong in China. Yoga and Qigong share many similarities.  Qigong differs from yoga in that it employs the use of the energy circles that create large circular and fluid movement.
If you already practice yoga, you may be interested in adding the fluidity of Qigong to your routine to generate the chi and feel the empowerment, flow and trance unique to the practice of Qigong. If you already train in a gym or other sports, you will find in Qigong, wisdom about power, strength, flexibility that is well known for giving martial arts its power. And if you are advancing in years or have a low impact movement interest, Qigong offers simple practices that are gentle yet effective. Overall, Qigong is a lifestyle art.
by The Tao Lab

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