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The Yoni and The Feminine Force

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the sacred reproductive and sexual organs of a woman. The yoni is the gateway to life here on earth.

All things manifest must pass through the portal of the feminine. A woman’s yoni is She is the magic creatrix and what is planted inside her grows.

A seed planted inside the womb becomes a human. Bacteria can become an infection, and energy planted inside her is magnified.

Physically, the yoni is a petri dish — a dark and moist place that nourishes growth. Energetically, a woman’s womb space is an energetic magnifier.

For example: Many women know that when they are intimate with a man they become very connected and in tune with him. This implantable nature of the woman manifests as her taking on some of his mannerisms, waking up at the same time as him, knowing when he is hungry, knowing if he is flirting with another woman… and so on.

The reason for the energetic entrainment of a woman’s womb with a man’s seed has to do with the creative nature of woman.

My martial art grand master used to say that a woman could do anything better than a man once it was shown to her and that women tend to be the ones who will perpetuate a system, school, or organization.

The reason for this is that women are natural re-producers and carry on the energy that is given to them.

When a woman is intimate with a man, she receives his energy which acts like a seed that is imprinted within the magnetic creatrix of her energetic womb-space. This energetic sees is then is expressed both physically and energetically through her body. The magnetic creative nature of a woman’s womb space means that she will magnify anything that enters her. This is why it is important that women are choose a man to be intimate with whom she is willing to and wants to birth his reality.

The masculine penetrates the woman receives. Similar to electricity, masculine energy naturally flows outward from a man and is impressed upon the world, including women.

The Quodoushka lineage says this about woman:

“All Things Are Born of Woman, Sparked by the Masculine. May nothing be done to harm the children.” – Thunder Strikes

All things are born through the feminine, magnetic, receptive, and birthing feminine. Al things have been seeded by the masculine.

Women give birth to what is seeded within them.

Because a woman gives birth to things, she will give birth to a man’s reality by her natural ability to magnify and reproduce what he stands for.

This is a key concept for women to understand and when they do, there will be more peace inside of our relationships because women will understand they do not change the man, but choose the man they want to magnify.

The magnetic nature of a woman’s womb births energy into physical reality. This is not to say that women do not birth their own energy—of course we do! We can use our creatrix energy to birth our own dreams and many women are waking up to this reality today.

This is also not to say that a man cannot be successful without a woman. Of course he can. Yet, it is interesting to look at successful men and see what role woman has in his life.

You will often find that successful men have the support of at least one and sometimes more than one powerful woman.

One of my favorite teachers, Harley Swiftdeer Reagan Thunder Strikes noted that an empowered womb space will magnify the success and the dreams of a man.

Ladies, choose the kind of man whose dreams you want to magnify and whose reality you want to birth. Don’t think you will change him. It is better to wait and hold out for a man that really inspires you than to settle and feel the pain of misaligned souls.


Temple Holder and Initiator on The Priestess Path