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The Priestess Path

The Priestess Path is ancient and modern. It is a path walked by countless women throughout time who love the Divine and wish to be

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Forgiveness Fire Ceremony

Freedom & Forgiveness Fire Ceremony The element of fire transforms and transmutes. This is why fire ceremonies are so effective and widely used. The warm

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The Feast Days of Vesta

The Vestal Priestesses and the Feast Days of the Goddess ✨The Vestal Virgins, Keepers of the Sacred Flame of Ancient Rome ✨We are in the

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The Great Mother

The Great Mother:   The Great Mother is called by many names. She has many forms and many faces   She is the Maiden, Mother,

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What is the Passion of Christ?

What is the Passion of Christ, but the love of God? For this, Jesus; Yeshua endured harassment, betrayal, and the ultimate cost: His life by crucifixion. Jesus suffered for his love of the One – for his love of the Great Spirit, God, the Holy Infinite, and, due to the hands of the ignorant, He paid the ultimate price.

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