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A Call for Peace: My letter to the UFO/Disclosure Community

I am Elizabeth Wilcock — wife of David Wilcock, founder of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light, and a temple holder and initiator of sacred warriors, with a focus on the divine feminine.

In light of an ongoing series of very serious attacks we are suffering, this is my public statement — and a call for everyone to step up and be a blessing.

I feel my mission is to help elevate humanity to a higher level of spiritual realization and anchoring in the sacred here on earth. In service to this, I choose to focus on re-invigorating the power of the noble warrior and the sacred feminine. I have dedicated my life and my temple to this quest and I choose to use my words and public platform to inspire and guide people to be a blessing.

My message is of peace, love and compassion. My heart resides in the mystical, and I have a deep love for nature and animals. I wish to see this world be the peaceful and beautiful place that I know in my heart it can be. My courses train women to be pillars of strength and blessings in their relationships, families and communities.

I stand for collaboration rather than competition, empowerment rather than power over, and peace rather than war.

My message also revolves around the need to hold sacred boundaries as a spiritual warrior. I was trained by masters and grandmasters who passed down many of these principles for millennia. I have steadfastly continued to teach and uphold these ancient lineage teachings in this new arena, where I feel they are sorely needed.

Whether in times of peace or times of war, the ageless principles remain the same.

At this time, I wish to make my statement regarding the chaos and negativity that certain elements of the UFO and Disclosure community have continually promoted for the past few years.

A war has come to our door. I have watched in dismay as a spirit of darkness has jumped into people, one after another. I have largely remained silent while we have endured countless, shocking betrayals and attacks, in wave after wave after wave.

I am fairly new to the UFO/Disclosure arena and am meeting many of the players for the first time. One would hope that the leaders in a conscious community could get along and conduct themselves with decorum and grace.

Instead, I have been dragged into a war, and truly shocked and disappointed by the spirit of negativity that some in this field are giving themselves over to. We are all leaders, each and every one of us and we each have a responsibility to set the tone.

I have been a leader for many years, training black belts and initiating women in the sacred arts. As leaders, we have a responsibility to the people we serve to be protectors and to create safe environments.

I do not support the climate of fear, hatred and violence that some in the UFO and Disclosure community have been creating. At some point, you have to say “enough is enough,” and that is what we are doing. We have a responsibility to the people to support their peace and safety, and to speak up when evil perpetuates.

I call for everyone in this community to step up, and to use your words and your platform to co-create a safe space for all.

I truly do not understand why someone would work for many years to nurture a public platform, investing copious amounts of time and money in the pursuit of a noble cause, only to then weaponize it by using it to savagely attack others, whether overtly or covertly.

The vast majority of viewers, listeners and readers out there are repulsed by negativity and in-fighting. Attackers may gain some limited support, and temporarily feel elevated by doing so, but in the end, it colors their spirit and degrades their message.

In fact, the vast majority of this audience, numbering in the millions, doesn’t want to hear any fighting from either side. They just want us to produce uplifting content without all the drama and negativity.

There is more than enough negativity on this planet. I feel it is our duty and responsibility to counteract it with a message of hope.

Once a person chooses to cross this sacred boundary and become an attacker, it is no surprise that they then receive a sizable backlash — providing that their activities gain any significant degree of public attention.

Oftentimes at this point, people then choose to blame the person or people they are attacking for what has happened to them, rather than taking this as a natural message to get back to loving work, where they continue to produce great, uplifting content.

We all have an opportunity — and a responsibility — to uplift humanity. It is a great disservice to the people to engage in slander and mud-slinging.

The internet is the stage. It is not a private gathering. Everyone has now become a public figure.

Most of our interactions are now on social media. I feel it is our responsibility to conduct ourselves with decorum and grace, even there — especially if you are a leader.

It is now extremely obvious to everyone that we are in a planetary emergency. The pandemic has finally caught our attention and broken through so many walls of denial, in a way that so many other disasters in the past have not. This creates an unprecedented opportunity for healing and restitution.

We now have the time and the solitude to reflect upon everything we are seeing and feeling, and to then compare that with what we know and believe. This is all part of the Ascension process that my husband talks about.

The energies and pressures are very high and, unfortunately, many are giving themselves over to the negative. This must be resisted and counteracted with positivity in each of our spirits if we are to cleave to the positive Ascension timeline. We are all being tested.

My orientation is that of a healer, and I feel a responsibility to use my public platform to uplift and inspire others for the reasons I have explained. I stand in support of women and men to make a stand, and put an end to the toxic culture of abuse that has diminished the beauty and light on this planet. This means us.

In times of crisis, it is extremely important to guard your energy by remaining calm, and taking the stance of a positive leader. Say good things, do good things, and resist the temptation to go negative and attack others.

The last thing we need are the leaders in this field to wage war against each other and attempt to destroy lives. This is exactly what shattered the peaceful, goddess-loving cultures of our past that I dearly love and revere.

Our planet suffers from having vilified the feminine and desecrated the sacred. I am here to bring a message of the return of the sacred feminine, to honor the earth, the elements and her animals, and to return to the temples of sacred space.

I choose to help women move into deep alignment with their soul-purpose, for healing, and to feel safe to unfurl their beauty in all forms, both inner and outer.

I am not here to engage in negative gossip with colleagues or the public.

Hatred is not a solution.

Any colleague who is engaging in negativity, trying to bring your fellows down, I ask that you lay down your weapons. Step up and align yourself with a noble message of positivity and peace.

If someone has engaged in negativity in the past, I feel the appropriate response to not perpetually re-open the same old wounds as if nothing has changed.

We all can and will change as we move forward through this dance we call life. Whether those changes are of a beneficial or detrimental nature is of our own choosing.

Our criminal justice system allows for punishment to take place, after which time the person is exonerated and allowed to live a peaceful life, free from judgment.

However, what we are seeing in these internet flame wars is an undying vendetta for revenge or in some cases, simply for the apparent joy of harming others. Furthermore, we are seeing people who are fabricating spectacular lies in the hopes of causing further damage.

There is a place for polite discourse, and honest, peaceful interaction regarding our differences. For this reason, I prefer not to engage the attacks that come to us from those who articulate their opinions in a spirit of extreme anger and hatred.

Even in times of war, it is my choice to maintain the highest possible spiritual integrity within my work. This involves keeping a respectable distance from all of the infighting and drama.

I have now become directly involved in this fast-paced and highly difficult world as a result of marrying David. My communities in the past have been formed with dedicated martial artists, shamans, priestesses and mystics, and I am used to being around people that sincerely work on themselves.

I have known David for seven years, and in the last four, I have been intimately involved in the quest he is pursuing. During the last two years, we have endured countless and relentless attacks from ill-willed negative sources.

I have adopted David’s policies of handling these attacks through silence, as it essentially becomes a necessity once you reach a certain point. Otherwise, your life descends into endless bickering. The great work is never completed if you are busy arguing all along the way. Focus and discipline are essential.

David has many years of experience handling internet flame wars without taking them personally or getting emotionally involved. His policy has always been to thoughtfully consider the feelings and opinions of others, and if a valid concern is raised, he does his best to ameliorate it.

Apart from that, David does not get personally involved in these wars. The last year he voluntarily did so was in 2003, within his own discussion forum.

It is also literally impossible to engage with the vast majority of our audience, due to the massive numbers involved. David has jokingly called this “The Santa Claus Paradox.” We would love it if we had the support to interface with everyone, but it would involve a prodigious effort with many, many staff.

Again, I call for the men and women in this community to step up and use their words and their platform to inspire, to bring peace, love and blessings to the land. The people deserve this from us.

As my teachers have taught me, please allow me to share a few of the codes from our lineages:

1. It is highly advisable not to spread what we called “gawk,” which is negativity, lies or rumor. This degrades the spirit in the temple and in the dojo.

2. If you have a problem with someone, contact them directly to create an opportunity for a peaceful resolution. This is the honorable thing to do, as it prevents the degradation of spirit in your community that a public battle creates.

3. Build your colleagues up. It is not advisable to try to tear them down to elevate yourself. In our martial art lineages, we celebrated the achievements of our higher belts and cared for the lower belts. In so doing, we created an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement.

4. Point your weapons out in defense of the sacred. This means that you try your best to preserve the love and respect in the relationship. This could be with your beloved, a friend, family member, or colleague. Either way, you speak what you need to say in a way that preserves their dignity and power.

These are great teachings that can provide us with a far more fulfilling life experience and a solution to what we are seeing now.

The numerous ill-spirited attacks, lies and betrayals that are directed at both of us have been truly jaw-dropping. My husband tries to keep a light-hearted approach, as he has witnessed and suffered these types of shenanigans ever since he got online in 1995. For me, I still find it shocking and disheartening.

The ancient lineage teachings encourage us to actively seek to be a blessing through our words and deeds. I spent many years tending a dojo, teaching students how to be respectful leaders, and I now teach women sacred spiritual arts in the Priestess Path. I feel it is my job to uphold the most noble values I can, even though we suffer continual attacks.

I admittedly have a difficult time understanding how someone would use their public or private platform to incite hatred, malice and harm — especially one who has done the hard work of becoming a leader.

It saddens me to see people who have had a positive message decide to use their power to inflict harm. I have told many of them already, and I will say it again: I do not support violence, abuse, or the ill-willed destruction of lives.

The martial arts community I helped to co-create is based on teachings that survived for thousands of years, and this type of behavior would not be allowed. Such a person would be dismissed from the school if they chose to be toxic and provocative of negativity.

Each individual has free will, and is responsible for the use of their words and their platform. I cannot speak for how anyone else uses their influence, and can only speak for myself and the heart of my husband.

I know my husband better than anyone, and he is a good man — consistently dedicated to kindness, compassion and selfless service. I believe he got to be where he is not due to luck, or manipulation, but simply from many years of humble and focused effort.

This included well over a decade where he did this work in extreme poverty, and never gave up. As long as I have known him, which is the last seven years, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to love and to the freedom of humanity.

This is a sizable achievement in the environment of relentless hatred that comes his way.

Most people cannot stand one bad thing written about them, and will launch a defamation campaign just for that. Try having countless attacks on a daily basis coming in — an endless, 24/7 tirade of slander, mockery and malice — and still creating positive gifts for humanity. It is not easy for us to do our work in this environment, but we are both deeply devoted to our missions and will not give up.

One of the things David values about me is my clear communication. He can trust that I will not harbor ill will or hidden agendas. If something is going on that is of concern to me, I will bring it up in a way where we can both discuss it and come to a mutual resolution.

Our work is really just getting started, and there is much more to come. We both believe that very firmly, and have had many dreams, synchronicities and visions to that effect. This current planetary crisis is a massive wake-up call that we believe will ultimately have positive ramifications.

Regarding insiders, I have personally met 19 of them. Each one of them has an otherworldly life story. The UFO and Disclosure community is built from these otherworldly stories.

Personally, I am most interested in the sacred arts, and not in getting involved with whether I think someone’s personal story is right and another person’s story is wrong — especially if people are trying to make you hate and destroy them.

This energy is the problem on our planet – the energy of hatred, judgment and the wish to destroy. I do not support that.

David respects and protects his insiders by keeping their identities private if they wish, and by not betraying them — such as by speaking out against them in a public or private forum.

Therefore, even when David ends up distancing himself from an insider, there will be no public traces of disrespect or mud-slinging. We both understand the great risks each insider faces, for them and their families, and have compassion for their struggles.

Up until the present time, David has even said supportive things about colleagues who have continually spoken ill of him. We do not wish to descend into the same mud-slinging, and feel it sets a bad example.

Again, I feel leaders have a responsibility for how we use our words and our social platform. Is it to inspire hope, or to inspire hatred?

We have a large number of people who tune into our lives, and we therefore have a responsibility to uplift them rather than drag them into a war.

I feel that those who are speaking hate are doing a grave disservice to the innocent people who listen, because those people deserve to be inspired and feel hope. We can do better than that, folks.

I, for one, choose to continue to share a message of peace. Will you join me?

As you can see on David’s website, most of his articles from 2019 have four million or more views. Some are now over five million. This type of exposure puts us into a category where we have become acquainted with famous and powerful people of various sorts, on a limited basis. Most of these contacts are infrequent, but it is nice to share thoughts with people who understand what we are going through.

Mostly, we live at home alone, just the two of us, working towards a better world where we can enjoy the beauty and love of this gorgeous earth we live upon. The idea that we are dangerous cult leaders is ludicrous, as the reality is that we are very much isolated in our mission at this time.

While many are trying to push a negative, angry, and divisive narrative, we choose to focus on a message of love, unity and peace.

We hope you can join us in this. I want to feel safe to be here, and I want you to feel safe to be here. This is a basic human right. We all need the leaders of this community to unite in service of this higher cause.

A new world is being born and we are part of the birthing process.

Stay loving, stay strong!

Elizabeth Wilcock

The Priestess Path Lineages of Light

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  1. I truly value people like you and many others I follow. I lean on your guidance as well as learn and grow as a powerful leader myself. When I say leader, I am guiding myself with the most integrity as I can, with my true nature – heart, and with my intuition to do what I need to in the now. I reflect daily on what I have done, said and feel. I find this way of life so exciting and grounding at the same time. I have found many friends who think/feel/speak in love and lightness. Be that leader for yourself.

    1. Beautifully written, thank you. Your words bring back hope. I have to say the inhouse war has been very off putting and wasn’t what I was expecting from this community. Though I don’t wish to take sides, my heart tells me to trust David and Corey. I feel their honesty. There’s something not right with the others – negative energy. Your spoken words from your heart are exactly what we need in a leader. I sense their purity and instinctively know I am safe in your hands. If only everyone was like this. Imagine the endless possibilities…

      1. Beautifully written and great timing for such a well informed post. All the best and stay safe you two. Thank you from NZ.

  2. I am sorry you are faced with negativity that you speak of. I am an advocate for peace and love myself. Ill practice to remain positive and keep you and David in my positive thoughts and vibes.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for so clearly and beautifully stating what really needs to be said. David’s work has not really resonated with me, so I have not followed him. That being said, I am still very appreciative of his steadfastness and willingness to deliver a message that may sometimes be met with such negativity. As I evolve in my own consciousness I may just be drawn to revisit his work. Regardless, I bless you both and thank you for being beacons of light in our world.

      1. I have been a follower of David Wilcock since I was 12 years old. At the start of the pandemic, I was beyond thrilled to have discovered that David was live streaming and sharing so much valuable information regarding what is happening. While watching the video updates, I came to know who you are and today I have visited your website.

        I am 22 & new to the Priestess Path. Like David, I am a wanderer as well. Reading the testimonials of other women who have partaken in the Priestess Path, has inspired me to learn more. Your story and background is also very intriging and enlightening.

        Just waving a friendly hand, sending peace, light & love to you and David ☺

        Dija, Massachusetts USA

  3. I thank you Elizabeth and David for who you are. Please if you can listen to the radio show of: 5g-know. com. Episode of 3-11-20, where Nancy Hopkins and Michael Dunn talks about the blue meteorite that hit Russia in early March 2020, and a planetary upgrade of the shungite from Karelia, Russia. Also mentioned about a year ago from Rev. Maia C. Nartoomid. Sounds like the Divine mother may have had her hand in it.

  4. I choose the light and prayers for you and David, your sacred mission and warriors heart! It’s the time of support for all of those trying to bring a message of love and light to the world and stand firm against negative that can subtly work into someone’s heart. I also stand firm with the peaceful and loving message that Corey has and that he has never publically called out people in an attempt to discredit them. I’ve followed both his and David’s career for many years and can see where their hearts lay. Best wishes in this trying time.

  5. I am extremely moved, uplifted and encouraged by this writing.

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for being 100% authentic. For being 100% you.

    I’ve been quietly following you on Facebook for a little while now and I’ve always felt peace and love flowing from you and those involved.

    Thank you again for all you and David do for all of us.

    Your light and love will serve you and all your loved ones well. I am blessed to have found you.

  6. Thank you, Elizabeth. I support you and David and the new world we are birthing. Your message is a beacon of light, truth and love. Just the words we all can choose to embody as we have been given the opportunity to do so at present.

  7. You have written your message clearly, calmly and with love and strength. I stand by you, as I have ever since the first Valkyrie initiations and will continue to support your message of noble peach and love. You are a warrior and a peace maker, thank you for all you do!

    1. You touch my heart and make me proud. To have watched you grow in this lifetime has been my greatest joy.
      Through difficult times and wonderful achievements you have been courageous and grateful.
      You are loved beyond measure and I am blessed to be your earthly mother.

  8. Thank You Elizabeth & David. It saddens me greatly that you are being harmed so dreadfully. I watched David on Edge Of Wonder recently and cried for hours afterwards. You are All always in my prayers. Here is a small Poem I wrote a long tine ago which I would like to dedicate to David & Yourself.
    Live Wonderful Moments
    Live Beautiful Moments
    And Dance with Life
    Leaving a Brilliant Light Behind.

    Be safe
    Love to you both
    Cape Town.

  9. I grieve for disconnected attack and expressed with fear. I support David and Elizabeth in all of their efforts. I want more of their communication and hope that this sort of disquieting will not force their silence. Peace, love, laughter, and light to all beings.

  10. Elizabeth, this article has brought me to tears. I value and appreciate all of the incredible work that you and David do more than I can put into words.. Please know that you are both very often in my prayers, thoughts and meditations.
    Thank you for everything you do and for everything you are. I love you.

  11. We send love and light from the uk, supporting both of you, at these strange times. May the light continue to bring out the dark, exposing it for what it is.

  12. Thank you for this wise missive, and for sharing a bit of your personal life. We send you our strongest light and love. We, like you, also stand for peace in the face of ridicule and opposition. We are all going to get through this together, although it takes supreme patience when we witness the ugliness in others. They’ll come around; they have to. My husband and I look forward to joining you and learning from you in the Ascension Mystery School in about a week. Let’s keep holding in the Light, we’re getting close now. 🙂

  13. I just randomly found your website and I have no idea the backlash about which you speak, but WOW that was so beautifully written I can’t wait to see more of what comes from you. Thank you for reminding us to take the peaceful path. <3

  14. This is so well written. I appreciate you Elizabeth and David, so much! The Ascension Mystery School is such an amazing teaching that I couldn’t imagine anyone discrediting David and all his incredible research. He is one of a kind and the planet is lucky to have him.

    I choose Love and Peace ~ Ronae

  15. I feel compelled to express solidarity with you and David, Elizabeth–my husband and I are not leaders at this time, as such, but nonetheless are often attacked and demeaned ourselves. It is terribly trying, but I understand that this is part of our testing by fire, necessary for us to prove ourselves to ourselves as well as to all–and The All–demonstrating who and what we stand with, who we have self-declared (again, at this time, largely to the world of spirits) that we are and are becoming.

    Together, my husband and I join in saying to you and David to continue to stand strong–we are upholding you. Thank you for who you are and that which you are desirous/striving of seeing accomplished in this world. We sure appreciate you both. May blessings of relief and satisfaction abound for you both daily. We must envision and send forth great Love in order to keep our eyes– our attention–largely on the pure while refusing to lend any more energy than absolutely necessary to the negative of all types and at any level.

  16. Your words are refreshing in a world where as you say there is so much negativity. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us they have been truly inspirational.

    I am fortunate to be on the Ascension Mystery School course and it keeps me on track and uplifted in what is a chaotic world at this time.

    Thank you.

    I choose Love and Peace


  17. Dear Elizabeth,
    There are no words to express how grateful we (my husband and I) are for the work that you and David are doing! We have been on a very long (decades long) journey of spiritual discovery and are so thankful and happy to have connected with you both via your classes and presentations. We sincerely appreciate your courage, strength, honesty, and integrity. It shows in all you both do.

    We are fairly isolated in our community, as we have not yet found others of like mind and heart. Yet, to know that we are part of this incredible family of people from all over this world brings us comfort and strength!

    With love, light, blessing, and peace,


  18. I am so sorry to hear of yours and David’s pain lately. As you both know the planet is going through a time of great change and evolution. As humans we are all being tested, and I truly believe these hardships are being put before you and David to not just teach you but stop you bringing truth and awakening to the masses. You both are filled with light and love and may you both continue with your quest to open eyes to who we all really are. This is your purpose. Those who do you harm will face their own karma . Gain strength from one another and all the many you have inspired, myself included. Thank you.

  19. Un très grand merci à Elisabeth et à David Wilcock pour leur mission et le travail déjà effectué sur ce plan terrestre . Merci de vous êtes incarnées sur notre mère la terre en ces temps précieux…Et il reste tant encore à faire, nous vous accueillons avec Amour.

    Oui, un monde de Paix, de Joie et d’Amour de la Vie se manifeste, de jour en jour, pour le bien de toutes et de tous.
    Notre Terre Mère nous accueille et nous protège chaque jour.
    La Négativité ne sera pas tolérée et ne pourra plus se manifester, car nous lui en donnerons pas la possibilité.
    Les forces Créatrices de Lumière et de Vie sont éternelles et présentes chaque jour, chaque minutes chaque secondes. Gloire à elles et Remerciements.
    Lumière et Vie pour chacune et chacun d’entre vous.
    Pascal Avril de France – Europe –

  20. Your words are taken to heart,

    I choose……I choose to live in a peaceful world where beauty is my highest goal.

    Thank you

  21. What a great message Elizabeth, of peace, respect integrity and purpose. You clearly have defined where both you and David come from and what each of your intentions are and how they relate to the work that each of you do.

    I had no idea from reading your site that you had any such troubles, as you have described here, and only occasional mentions from David about the “attacks” he has gotten. People attack what they don’t understand. I’m sure David knows due to his expertise, that he will be attacked for that reason. Being an opinion leader in his field has its liabilities. He is very communicative on topics which many do not understand or have fears about. You have done him a service to interject your experience based on your background on how such a thing is dealt with, as you mentioned, for a very long time. The difference is, your students reach for what you offer based on a long track of acknowledged credentials and accepted physical and spiritual work. Whereas, David is presenting intellectual concepts and properties (as an author) that many are not comfortable with and in fact are fearful of. He is a target for a fear which he is doing his best to help heal and bridge, however there is very little he can do to not be that target. He has grown thicker skin over his publishing career but he will have to not react in order to survive. What THEY want, is his reaction! His job is not to react. You are helping him to conquer this, I can see. Like with any bully or even an animal that perceives fear – you conquer you own reaction, stand your ground and those threats blow on by. Because they have nothing to stick to.

    Good “open letter” and help flow on your part! Just enough ethics presence but not too heavy. If I were an “enemy” I would take note, and have some respect. The situation will pass as time goes on. GOOD JOB from your wife hat! Impressed me.

  22. “I’ve cried in your lap”
    I’m not sure if I said that to you, or if you were saying that to me..
    I love you and I’m glad to have found you here

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