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I Stand Rooted in Peace

LA has been in lock down for more than a week in response to the violence that is flaring up in response to violent injustice.
At times like this we must root deep into peace and yet stand against violence. This is a delicate balance.In response to the flaring ups, David and I hosted a Peace Meditation where he spoke at length about the hidden messages of things and I spoke about how I maintain my self during times of chaos.

For me, the most important point is that PEACE is alive in OUR HEARTS NOW.

May peace reign in My Heart and Your Heart.

It is important that: No matter what violence, hatred, lies, deceit, games, programming, wag-the-dog games and dark agendas may knock at our door, that WE do not feed the darkness!


My brothers and sisters are of many, beautiful colors. I can see a world where people love each other and live in harmony with the earth and her creatures. We must hold fast to this vision.

The test is within me. The test is within you. It is a test of our hearts and souls.

How do you come up when tested to the max? Do you go to the negative or do you stick with the good? How can you stand for peace when violence comes to you?

The choice is yours and mine alone.

The greatest test is for US to remain anchored in goodness and peace and to not be taken off our post when the attacks come.

In Qigong and the martial arts we learn to root.

Rooting means drilling our energy into the earth and grounding down so that nothing can move you.

Th ancient and ubiquitous teaching of the sacred warrior has been embodied throughout time.

Lies are easy to make from souls given to jealousy, competition and fear, but difficult to bear.

Truth is seen in the intention. Look at their words: Do they wish ill or do they wish good upon someone?

Do they speak ill words of harm or word of blessing?

What FORCE have they GIVEN themselves to?

It is easy to see WARRIORS OF LIGHT:

Now is the time for us to embody the Sacred Warrior for peace, love, and unity. Sometimes that means standing up to the bullies.

Not the angry, negative, victim that gives themselves to evil and wishes ill upon their fellow (wo)man.

The veil has lifted.

The test is that in making a SACRED STAND FOR PEACE in the face of darkness, yet not becoming dark.

Darkness plays the victim. And after attacking for years, calls for violence against the good. Violence is not the cure.

Hold Fast to goodness.
Hold Fast to peace.
Do not be swayed by the darkness.

Keep your spirit good.

You are a powerful force of good.

Never let anyone or anything take that from you and go forth with your beauty.

Watch our talk and meditation here:

Standing rooted in peace,


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