New Moon in Leo

August 1st 2019 – July 31st depending upon your time zone At 4.11 am GMT – 8.36 degrees

Embrace your uniqueness; time to sparkle!

In the northern hemisphere it is the height of summer. The abundance of plant and animal life is all around us reminding us of the tremendous life-giving force of the sun. The vibrancy of the glow, the shine, the radiance, is now magnified by the sun’s rays.  We enjoy the fruits from our gardens and look forward to the full moon to further harvest and get ready for the up and coming full moon in Virgo at the autumn equinox.

This new moon is in Leo and is asking us to look at creative ways to bring about our intentions as the dark moon offers us the opportunity to plant our seeds.

Love is in the air with the sun in Leo, along with Venus. It is important to do extra self-care during this fragile time of birth and to say “no” to anything that takes away our focus from our highest intentions. It is important to be gentle with ourselves — taking salt baths, walks in nature, meditating and taking the time to go within. Loving self-care is, of course, the best way to attract to us all that we want by being in a self-loving vibration.

Things may have felt sluggish lately, with mercury retrograding but it is going direct in Cancer on August 1st.

Love is at the heart of the matter.

Since Leo is about love and rules the heart, we may need to let go of anything that is not making our heart sing to make the best use of these creative energies. We are being asked to shine our creative light, our flame from within and to more fully embody the uniqueness of the spark of the divine, realizing it is our purpose to bring those gifts to light and share them with the collective.

When life is fun and when we remember to bring fun and laughter into all that we do, this is a pertinent time to co-create with our childlike innocence and wonder of possibilities.

You may want to ask yourself how you can move beyond past limitations and shine your light as naturally as the sun. We may need to resolve matters of the heart by forgiveness so we can release any burdens we are carrying to shine like the sun.

Your highest intentions have massive energy at this time.

This is a potent time for creating in alignment with your highest visions. Surrender to your heart and release your dreams, intentions and visions to the divine so your higher self can work with the invisible realms. Your spoken words and prayers done alone in your inner sanctum have great power right now. Trust in a higher power and realize your co-creative part in this divine partnership as you give your intentions to the Source of all Creation.

We are here to shine and share our unique creative talents and gifts with the world. Once you have set your intentions,  it is time to take inspired action towards your dreams with Spirit / God / Source/ Divine / source as your manifesting partner.

By the time we get to the Full Moon in Aquarius we should be seeing the results of our shared creativity within the world and the wider reaching effects of our manifestations that have been brought forth due to our creative intentions and by taking action to use these gifts and creations for the highest good and serve / in service.


Creativity – confidence – love

Time to press the reset button.

Forgive and clear the heart.

Take action on your higher calling.

Speak your prayers and intentions aloud.

Let go of old patterns, ways of thinking, people, and situations that are not serving your highest good.

Get rid of physical clutter in your environment get the small stuff out of the way.

On this Leo New Moon – you are invited to ask yourself:

How can I be more creative?

How can I be more courageous?

What does love want me to know?

How can I set the scene for creative flow?

Shine on!

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