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The Great Awakening

As we move through the higher vibrations that are transforming this world, the revelation of darkness is key — as is the revelation of the light. Now is a potent time to remember who you really are. An eternal being made of God light learning and earning as you travel on your way home to the world of spirit and the One Infinite Creator.

Be care-full of where you give your precious attention. Guard against getting too tangled in or focused on the negativity being revealed, it is part of The Great Awakening.

Use this time to fortify your spirit and strengthen your body. Be nimble, clean out your closets, pair down on things you don’t use. Pay more attention to your food, lend an ear, offer support to someone in need. Go solar, get clean water, do a facial. Play some music, listen to your favorite music, have a dance party in your living room.

Make a home cooked meal, teach your children how to cook, make a fantasy tent, make art. Write a song, sing a song, do yoga, learn qigong — the physical language of light. Write greeting cards, remember birthdays, call your mother and your grandmother. Check in on elders, read a book, or write one. Pray, talk to God and the angels, do ceremony. Listen to nature.

While the veil is being lifted and hidden, dark motives and methods become transparent, tarry not in the revulsion of witnessing evil. Rather, let it galvanize your soul to the good and to God. Let the dark motives of lesser men inspire you to cleave to the power of the One true light that restores and heals all things.

Instead of despair, repair your relationship with the Source Divine. Restore your body. Remember that you have allies and angels you can call on in the spirit world. Take this opportunity to widen your spirit and develop your invincible body of light.

— Blessings, Elizabeth

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