The Spring Equinox marks the time of year when the hours of night and day stand in almost perfect balance. The exact time of the Spring Equinox will vary from year to year as these are celestial times governed by the stars and planets. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox, also called the Vernal Equinox, will generally fall somewhere between March 19th -23rd and September 19th-23rd in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Vernal Equinox marks the first day of astronomical spring where the days grow longer, the earth warms, seeds sprout, and the Goddess reawakens. Spring is associated with the Goddess in her Maiden form. The Goddess of spring from the old world, is named Ostara and is the namesake of Easter. The maiden Goddess represents fertility, resurrection, the balance between the masculine and feminine, and the triumph of light over darkness.

The rabbit, which is traditionally associated with Easter was adopted from the earlier Anglo-Saxon Teutonic spring rites of Ostara and represents the fertility of spring when all the plants and animals awaken from their winter slumber to procreate and grow. The egg symbolizes the seed, germination, the cosmic egg full of life’s potential.


Spring is the aspect of the Triple Goddess in her Maiden form representing innocence, fertility, rising attraction and budding hope. In Greek Mythology, spring is the time when Persephone is released from her forced stay in the underworld abode of Hades. Her mother, — he Earth Mother Goddess — Demeter celebrates and rejoices her daughter’s return by returning life to the land. The theme of the Goddesses’ return from an Underworld journey in spring is also mirrored in the tales of Inanna who also returns from her journey down below. The power of resurrection is also historically given to the Goddess for it is her body, the earth, that births all form, all life, all nourishment, which is eternally resurrected in spring by the penetrating warmth of the sun seeding her belly with new life.

The time of spring is a time of renewal. It is time to plant physical seeds in the garden as well as symbolic seeds of our dreams and intentions. In our quiet times of meditation and reflection and in our rites and ceremonies we get clear on what we wish to plant for this year’s coming harvest.

At this potent ceremonial time, you may wish to spend some time with your heart checking in to see what are its deepest desires at this time of regeneration and renewal. You might want to journal and write down what you hear. To add more power to the manifestation of your dreams, clean your altar and place items there that represent spring like flower petals or buds, seeds, baby animals, and items that represent the dream seeds you wish to nourish and nurture this season.


Here is a simple ceremony to align with the powerful energies of spring: (This ceremony is useful for both women and men and for any season!)

What you will need:

  • Your safe and sacred space
  • Uninterrupted time.
  • A candle
  • Incense or smudge
  • A few little pieces of paper
  • Your journal
  • A flower pot, cauldron, or something you can burn your pieces of paper in outside (where it is safe) when done.
  • Optional, 3-5 seeds, like blue corn seeds, flower seeds, etc.
  • This is a great ceremony to do outside with a ceremonial fire as there will be some burning involved. If you are inside, you will simply go outside to burn what you wish to release.


  1. Prepare your space: You may wish to spring-clean your sacred space and your altar removing all items, cleaning them then returning them. Place items that represent spring on your altar, like a potted plant and the things you are desiring to call in.
  2. Prepare yourself: You may wish to take a ritual bath or shower and put on some ceremonial clothes.
  3. Light a candle to represent the eternal light of the Divine and the return of the light.
  4. Set your sacred space by calling in a circle of light and/or calling in the powers.
  5. Meditate upon that which you wish to call into your life be it love, abundance, creativity, hope. Write these down on a piece of paper or you can have a seed where you imbue each seed with a dream.
  6. Now, meditate upon anything that may be standing in the way of this — anything that is old and outworn that may be clogging the energies of innocence, inspiration and hope. Write each of these down on a small piece of paper and fold them and place them in your empty flower pot or cauldron.
  7. You may create your own decrees or you can say something like this: “Goddess in her Maiden Form, Light of the Eternal One, Lord God —  I Invoke your powers of life-giving creation. In the earth, these seeds I sow. With your light, my seeds doth grow. I give thanks for this life I live, I give thanks for the gifts you give. As the light grows brighter and the days grow longer, may these dreams in thee grow stronger. And so it is!”
  8. If you have used seeds, you may literally plant these seeds in the earth, or you may keep them on your altar — however you wish to “plant” them works.
  9. Go outside to burn the pieces of paper that have the things on them you are releasing. Say something to release each block. When done, say: “And so it is!”
  10. In this ceremonial space, you can have any conversations with the Divine that you feel. Ask for what you need, ask for help, release people, energies and things that are ready to go on their own way. Leaving your garden well tilled for the planting.
  11. When you are complete, thank the Powers and close your ceremony.

The Ritual Bathing Manifestation Ritual will also add power to this potent time and can be done as a beautiful spring ceremony itself.

May you be blessed with creativity, innocence, hope and all good things!




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