The Great Mother:

The Great Mother is called by many names.
She has many forms and many faces
She is the Maiden, Mother,
Wise Woman, Crone
She is Hathor, Isis, Inanna,
Artemis and Aphrodite
She is the fertile May Queen,
eternally resurrected.
She is the light-bringer, Brigid and
Cerridwen of the shadows.
She is the birther, nurturer, and protector
She dreamed of you in her cosmic womb
Just as your earthly mother dreamed of your beauty
before you were born.
The Great Mother clothes
the manifest world in form
As this, she is Shakti,
mother of matter
Birther of the Universe
Who gave us this place and this life
To experience.
The Great Cosmic Mother is lovingly
embraced by her beloved,
consciousness and space
in her eternal dance of manifestation.
You are the gem of your mother,
both earthly and cosmic.
You are her hopes and her dreams
The fruit of her offering
You are spirit clothed in flesh
Brought into this world
By the grace of the mother
As a glorious gift from Spirit.
How are you using this gift?
— Elizabeth Wilcock, The Priestess Path Lineages of Light
Elizabeth Wilcock
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